Why Europe?

In the news regularly, many North Africans and Middle Easterners struggle with war, conflict, and poverty. Finding their way to various European countries, often across the Mediterranean border, after dangerous, long, and very difficult journeys, they may arrive grateful for anyone willing to help them make the adjustment into a new life. PCCers have been coming […]


Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Human trafficking is one of the biggest human rights issues of our day. More than 20 million people are currently enslaved, and it’s happening right in our own backyard. Do you have a heart for justice and for the victims of human trafficking? Do you desire to find a way to get involved with combating […]

PCC Body

Who’s in Malawi?

Nearly 20 years ago a young Malawian came to PCC as a summer intern … where he would meet a beautiful girl who would become the love of his life and she would make her home in Malawi with him.  Together they would reach out to the most vulnerable people surrounding them.  The result? Ken and […]


Pray for Redwood City Families

Facing almost insurmountable fiscal challenges, Redwood City School District is in the midst of much change.  With declining enrollments, the district can no longer afford to offer neighborhood schools in every community.  Families are in turmoil, administrators are caught in conflict, employees are concerned about jobs.  If you are local, you may understand that there […]