Malawian Teens Dreaming of Vocational Training

Orphans – they tug at our hearts. We can’t help but want to love on them when we visit. We feel their suffering. It seems they have so much love to give us. They seem so easy to satisfy. No one comes home from visiting Malawi Children’s Mission without a story or two about the […]


Old News, New News – God’s Heart for the World

For longer than most anyone at PCC can remember, this body has been generously giving to the needs of the vulnerable throughout the world.  Originally in partnership with Covenant World Relief, this annual offering went to a fund that supported a number of World Relief projects.  15 years ago, PCC began to choose specific partners […]

PCC Body

Quartet of the Vulnerable

A  Nicholas Wolterstorff in his classic writing Justice coined the phrase “quartet of the vulnerable” over a decade ago.  As social justice has risen to a place of prominent need and attention for peoples and places everywhere in these last two decades, an overwhelmed church might ask ‘With all the massive needs everywhere in the […]


A Letter Shared with a Camp Counselor, “Hollywood”

“Dear God, please forgive me for all my sins and tell what my purpose is here on earth. I would like to know what my reason for being here is and what do you want me to do. Please answer me I don’t care how just tell me why I’m here. Why was I born into […]